Bacon & Turkey Acorn Squash Soup


1 Large Acorn Squash (4-5 cups diced)

3 Large Carrots diced

1 Large Onion or 10-halved Onion Shallots

1 Tablespoon Oregano

1 Tablespoon Thyme

1-2 Tablespoon Red Chili Powder (spice to taste)

Salt and Pepper to taste

6 Cups Chicken Broth

1 Can Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup Coconut Flour

1 LB Ground Turkey

1 Lb Diced Nitrate Free Bacon

*Instant Pot or Crock-pot to cook*

I used our beloved Instant Pot to make this! I love ours because it cuts down the cooking time on most of our recipes. So today when the hubby got sick, I was able to whip up this soup in an hour!

The most time was spent prepping. I had to peel and dice the squash, which I won't lie was a pain in the butt! However, now that it's over it was TOTALLY worth it because this soup is the BOMB!

Dice and throw all the veggies, spices, coconut milk, and chicken broth in the Instant Pot or Crock-pot. For the Instant Pot close the lid, steam valve and hit the "soup" option, and walk away! If you are using the Crock-pot you will cook on high for 4-5 hours. While the pots are working you can dice and cook the bacon till it is crispy, and cook fully cook the turkey.

I used a Ninja Blender to puree the veggies once they were done. To thicken the soup I added small amounts of coconut flour as I blended. Add your turkey and bacon and you are ready to enjoy!

You could totally make this a vegetarian dish as well! Just use vegetable broth and skip the meat!