Sculpt & Shred

6-Week Fitness & Nutrition Program

For most of the world, summertime is over, kiddos are back in school, and schedules are falling into their regular routine. This is the perfect time for YOU to recommit to your health and wellness routine!

The Sculpt & Shred program starting on Monday, September 4th is the PERFECT program to get you back on track and crushing your health and wellness goals! This program is going to be available in the Goddess Squad Membership section of the Warrior Goddess Fitness App.

There are a ton of features inside the app that will help you with a successful health and wellness journey!


The fitness portion of this program is the perfect combination of strength and conditioning to give you the ultimate results! There are 5 workouts programmed each week. Your 2 rest days can be moved around as needed or (like I like to do) use the weekend to rest and reset!

There are a few barbell moves in the program: Squat and Deadlift. However, if you do not have access to that equipment and will be workout out at home with dumbbells that is fine! Check out this demo below of the back squat - we start with the barbell lift and then show 2 options to modify with dumbbells!

Build Muscle

The 3 weekly strength days are going to help you build muscle. This program WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY, I promise, you will not walk away looking like a bodybuilder. The goal is to build muscle though! Building muscle is going to give you the “toned” look that most of us are going for!

When you lift weights, you build lean muscle. The more muscle you have, the quicker your metabolism works. This means that weight training will help you boost your metabolism, in turn, help you burn more calories! More calories burned means a reduction in body fat and improved weight loss. Also, fun fact: for each pound of muscle you gain you will burn 30-50 more calories per day!


Your conditioning will consist of 1 high-intensity interval training day (HIIT) and 1 low-intensity steady-state cardio day (LISS). Your HIIT days will be short but intense, helping your heart and body improve their anaerobic threshold. Your LISS days will be longer and slower, helping you recover from heavier and more intense workouts. You can read more about the benefits of LISS in my blog Walking for Weight Loss.


There is no “one size fits all” nutrition program. Nutrition needs and preferences will vary based on the individual, however, there are some basic guidelines everyone can follow to help build a strong foundation in their nutrition. The nutritional focus of this program will be learning to fuel your body properly. We will go back to the basics of nutrition with weekly education and challenges that will help you maximize your results.

This program is not a crazy “all-in” diet that consists of chicken, broccoli, and egg whites. You will be focusing on protein intake, understanding (not fearing) carbohydrates, and fats.


When you sign up for the Goddess Squad you are joining a community of like-minded women on the same journey as you! Inside the app, you have a community forum where you can reach out with questions, frustrations, and celebrations!



Signing up for the Goddess Squad today for $20 a month will give you access to all archived workouts in the Squad along with access to Sculpt & Shred, starting Monday, September 4th!

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