My 5 Favorite Moves for Glute Burn!!

One of the top questions I get asked is how to get bigger glutes, everyone wants to earn that peach emoji! There are tons of great exercises out there that are glute specific and I wanted to share some of my favorites that you can add to your routine. These moves can all be done with bodyweight OR you can spice it up with a loop resistance band or weights.


Clam Hip Lift

For the clam hip lift, you will stack your elbow directly under your shoulder, while holding a kneeling side plank position. Lift the top leg while driving off the bottom leg. Pause for a few seconds at the top! If you are looking to “spice it up” you can add a loop resistance band or a weight behind the top keen. You also get some bonus oblique work with this move.


Glute Bridge

We can’t blog about moves to build and burn your glutes and not list the classic glute Bridge! As you drive the hips to the ceiling make sure you press through the heels. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and pause for a few seconds. You can add a loop resistance band right above the knees or even add a dumbbell to the hips for extra resistance and spice!


Sumo Squat

There are a million squat variations out there but I can’t preach about the sumo squat enough! I love this move because you really feel it in your inner thighs and glutes. You will stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width (wider than your regular squat) and point your toes out. Dropdown into your squat while pushing the knees out to keep them from caving in while your feet remain flat on the floor. Your goal should be about 90 degrees or a little lower if you can. Pause at the bottom for a few seconds then drive up through the heels and squeeze your glutes at the top. As you can see in the demo I am using a dumbbell for added spice but these can be done with bodyweight as well.


Alternating Single-Leg Deadlift

The alternating single-leg deadlift might be my favorite! I love how this move lights up the hamstring! If you are wanting to “lift” your glutes then this move is a MUST in your routine! This move can be tricky with form, I recommend either doing it in front of a mirror or even video yourself to ensure you are doing it correctly and avoid injury. You are HINGING FROM THE HIPS with this movement - NOT bending over. To set yourself up you will stand up tall, with your shoulders down and back (think pulling the shoulder blades towards each other). As you hinge from the hips you will lift one leg (keeping the toe pointed down) and keep your back flat. You can do this move with or without dumbbells.

*** If you find balancing and keeping form challenging with this move you can also do a regular Romanian deadlift. This is the same move with the hip hinge but no kickback ***


Glute Kick Back

The 5th and final move to make on the glute burner list is the glute kickback! You can do this move with a dumbbell like the demo, with a resistance band around your knees, or with just your body weight! You will start in a tabletop position with your core engaged. Kick one leg back, keeping the bend in your knee - think about punching your heel into the ceiling. At the top pause for a few seconds and squeeze that glute!

I hope that you find these moves helpful for your glute strength and gains! If you are looking for more guidance on your health and wellness journey check out my Goddess Foundations program! This 5 week program focuses on fitness, nutrition, and emotional health, helping you make fitness a lifestyle vs a diet or challenge! You can find more information here: Goddess Foundations.

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