Goddess Foundations | 3 Week FREE Fitness Program!

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If you are just starting out on your fitness journey (or hey, even re-starting) knowing where to start and what to do can feel overwhelming. I wanted to take that anxiety away and help you with a FREE 3-week fitness program!

The Goddess Foundations program is designed to help you build a strong foundation in your fitness! This program is progressive, meaning each week the workouts get a little more challenging. However, each week prepares you for the next, so even though it’s harder, you are ready for it!

This program has 3 weekly workouts, and the only equipment required is a set of dumbbells starting in week 2. You can also substitute the dumbbells with resistance bands. I recommend the Allvodes Resistance Bands Set from Amazon. If you are looking for more budget-friendly home gym options I recommend checking out my blog post: Budge Friendly Home Gym Equipment for some ideas!

This workout series can be found on my YouTube Channel and is formatted in a full-length follow-along video with timers! All you need to do is show up and hit play! I will link all the videos in this blog for easy access but you can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Warrior Goddess Fitness, and save the Goddess Foundations series.


Week One

Week Two

Week Three