Desk Treadmill Review: You Need One!

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Working from home has become the norm. I think it can be seen as a blessing and curse. A blessing that you get to rock the “business mullet”…you know professional up top and pajama pants below… but also a curse in that you are at your desk ALL DAY for endless meetings which means a sedentary lifestyle, aka LESS MOVEMENT.

Once I transitioned into full-time fitness and coaching from home I ran into the same issue. Working on the back end of my business meant hours and my desk. I began to notice a new type of fatigue and soreness from sitting all day. My posture was starting to round forward and my back and core felt weak and my hips were always tight!

Now, keep in mind I still do commit my daily hour workout - but that was just about the ONLY movement I was getting all day. That means I was averaging less than 3,000 steps a day (I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet). I tried setting reminders to get up and walk around the block or stretch but I swear they always came at the most inconvenient stopping time or mid-meeting. I knew that something needed to change, so I started researching some desk treadmills that would not break the bank.

I found the Gallelife 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill on Amazon for under $250 and I jumped on it! After spending 2 weeks using it at my desk I have a list of pros and cons of both the general product and my personal results to help you decide if you should make the investment in one. Spoiler alert…I think you should.



  • * Under $250 at time of purchase
  • * Fast delivery (6 days for me to Hawaii!)
  • * Ready to plug and go right out of the box
  • * Lightweight and compact for easy moving and storage
  • * Quiet
  • * Remote operated with adjustable speeds
  • * High-quality material


  • * You need a taller working station
  • * It’s not aesthetically pleasing
  • * 265lb weight limit

My Personal Results

My personal results on using the Gallelife 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill have been life-changing. I have always had a hard time focusing on longer tasks, some call it “squirrel brain”, but I call it annoying and frustrating. My time is valuable and not being able to stay on task or focus for a long period of time can really damage my business and elevate my stress levels. Elevated stress is literally a killer and sabotages your health and wellness! My ability to stay focused on my tasks while using the treadmill has skyrocketed. I went from setting alarms to make myself get up and move to setting an alarm to remind myself to take a break from work! My overall energy levels have increased which also contributes to my productivity levels.

Aside from general productivity, I have also noticed physical changes of better posture and less hip and back pain. Less pain and more movement mean that my sleep has improved!

These are some BIG wins that I have been celebrating!



  • * Increased focus and concentration on longer tasks!
  • * Improved posture!
  • * Hip and back pain GONE!
  • * Daytime energy levels increased!
  • * Sleep improved!
  • * Less mindless snacking!
  • * Daily movement increased and step goals crushed!

There are many desk treadmills on the market and I thought I would be on this reviewing journey for a while, but the Gallelife 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill has exceeded my expectations and brought my journey of searching for the best to an abrupt halt! This treadmill is high quality, easy to use and store, quiet, and has a price point that you can’t beat. If you are someone who spends HOURS at your desk, I HIGHLY recommend this treadmill!

PS…I walked 2 miles while writing this blog!