Budget Friendly Home Gym Equipment

Building a home gym does not have to cost thousands of dollars, nor does it require you to have a ton of extra space for equipment! With over 13 years in the fitness industry, I have tested just about every piece of home and gym equipment on the market. These are some of my top picks to start building your budget and space friendly home gym.

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Resistance Band Set

Yes, having a full set of dumbbells is a goal for most home gyms, but they can take up a lot of space and can also be quite expensive. The perfect alternative to dumbbells is a full set of resistance bands. They are excellent for strength/resistance training and take up virtually no space. I love the Allvodes Resistance Bands Set because it comes with 5 different resistance levels, a door anchor, handles, and ankle straps. Honestly, you could stop at this purchase and have everything you need for your home gym!


Booty Bands

I have tested tons of the hip circle booty bands and I can tell you from experience that the cloth style with the slip resistance band is by far superior. They are comfortable and don’t lose their elasticity like the small rubber ones. They also won't snap on you mid-workout! This kit from Mandrill comes in a set of 3 and also has a complimentary exercise guide to help you get started.


Weighted Jump Rope

High knees, jumping jacks, and burpees are all awesome cardio moves that require zero equipment but there is something about skipping rope that makes doing cardio seem not so hardio…ok, terrible jokes aside, I do recommend adding a jump rope to your home gym list. They take up little to no space and offer lots of spice to your workout routines. I like to use a jump rope that has a little weight to it for an extra challenge on my shoulders and arms. This one from Vergali has removable 1lb weights for more options and also has a fun guide for jump rope workouts.


Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are convenient, and portable all-in-one training systems. The straps/bands of the suspension trainer can be easily anchored to a wall or door frame and can be adjusted to increase the intensity and difficulty of exercise as needed. Keeping in theme with the rest of the equipment in this blog, suspension trainers take up little to no space. While the top-rated suspension trainer on the market is the TRX, they can be quite expensive. There are comparable models out there that will give you just as good of a workout! This quality set from Unity Company Training comes with all the accessories to use in your home gym and has an online library of exercises to help you with your workout.

As you can see from this collection, building a home gym does not have to be expensive or take up a bunch of space in your house. My favorite thing about each of these pieces of equipment is not only are they all budget and space conscious, but they are compact and light enough to pack for travel!

Are there any essential budget and space friendly pieces of equipment you have added to your home gym that you want to include? Let me know in the comments!